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Power Skating  |

Day 1
The Power Skating skills ice is designed to improve players of all skills levels skating mechanics. The skills ice will provide players the opportunity to improve their speed, agility, power, and explosiveness. With the increased pace of hockey in recent years, players need to improve their own skating in order to keep up and continue as effective players. The game has simply become faster with and without the puck, and power skating is an opportunity to allow the players to focus simply on their skating and technique. 
On-ice teaching consisting of: 
  • 60 minutes of on ice instruction
  • 5:1 player to instructor ratio
  • Edge Control
  • Agility
  • Balance

Defense  |

Day 2
The Defence skills ice will provide defence specific drills geared to improving defensive players and defenceman's all around game. A skills ice in line with the age old adage “defence wins championships.” The skills ice is designed to take players to the next step in their development of defensive awareness. The focus will be on fundamentals of the position, including special attention to angling, gap control, breakouts, 1 on 1’s and odd man rushes, and point shots. 
On-ice component consists of:
  • 60 minutes of on ice
  • 5:1 Player to instructor ratio
  • Gap control
  • Angling
  • Dynamic puck control
  • Defensive concepts
To attend, you do not need to be a defenceman, as forwards looking to improve defensive aspects of their game will benefit. 

Goal Scoring  |

Day 3
The Goal Scoring skills ice will work to expand your overall effectiveness as an offensive player, building confidence in your ability to score goals, or get the puck into the danger areas. The skills ice will work to build effectiveness in the high slot, off the wing, and on the rush.  
On-ice component consists of:
  • 60 minutes of ice time
  • 5:1 player to instructor ratio
  • Using a screen
  • Screens and Tips
  • Shooting power, velocity, release, accuracy
  • Shot deception and reading the goalie

Body Contact & Angling  |

Day 4
The Body Contact & Angling skills ice is to help safely expose players to angling, and help to build confidence with body contact. The players will learn how to protect themselves, and other players on the ice. The skills ice will focus on angling, and safely separating a player from the puck. 
On-ice teaching consisting of: 
  • 60 minutes of on ice instruction
  • 5:1 player to instructor ratio
  • Fundamentals of body contact
  • Safety
  • Puck Separation
  • Angling
The goal of the specialty camps is to have the players attend a maximum of 1-2 specialty camps to work on specific components of their game. The players will receive more focused instruction. The specialty camps are open only to players from 2009-13  age groups, who are participants in the youth camps. The specialty camps will be capped per age group. These camps are completely optional.  
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