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Goalie Coach - Adam Kingsmill


The Northern Hockey School is continuing to make goalie
development a focus. In the aim of supporting each teams
most important player we are creating the Northern Hockey
School: Goalie Academy. The Goalie Academy is: designed by
goalies, coached by goalies, for goalies. The Northern Hockey
School is teaching a cutting-edge style that will increase
goalie efficiency between the pipes. Our goalies’ balance,
patience, reaction and movement will be tested rigorously
through high repetitions, one-on-one coaching, high quality
shots and game simulations. It is in our philosophy to develop
goalies with an undeniable work ethic and focus on building
and maintaining a proper foundation that will help in our
process of creating the ultimate compact-hybrid goalie.
It will be a 3 day program, covering education on pre-practice
and game warm-up, co-ordination training, strength and conditioning, goalie specific stretching, as well as video sessions and of course on-ice coaching. Goalies will each receive an NHS Goalie jersey.
On-Ice Coaching:
  • Max of 5:1 goalie to instructor ratio
  • On-ice video analysis
Technical components:
  • Skating/Agility/Balance
  • Positioning/Squaring up to Shooter
  • Post Seals
  • Puck Handling Skills
Goalie Coach - Adam Kingsmill
Tactical Components:​
  • Positional Depth & Patience
  • Anticipation
  • Communication
  • Zone Awareness
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