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Product Description

The Bunga Gel Ankle Sleeve™ is 3" wide and 5" in length. It is designed to provide maximum protection and comfort for your ankles through a protective gel lining. Used to cushion and protect the entire ankle area from chafing, rubbing, and friction caused by stiff skates. 


Sold Quantities

Sold Individually. There is one ankle sleeve per package. If you need to protect both ankles, you need to purchase two ankle sleeves.


Product Information

The Ankle Sleeve is 100% medical grade, and incorporates a Bunga High-Tek Sleeve to help keep the gel pad in place and increase the longevity of the product. This product is designed to be worn around the ankle area. It is NOT recommended to pull the ankle sleeve over the heel or mid-foot as this will overstretch the material. If you need heel protection look at the Lace Bite Preventer, Achilles' Heelpad or the Boot Bumper Pad.


  • Used by players at all levels, from from minor hockey players, to recreational adults to professional leagues including NHL players
  • Durable elastic tube lined with comfortable gel padding
  • Designed to limit the ability of the user to get blisters
  • Dermatologist tested and hypo-allergenic
  • Light-weight, high tech elastic sleeve to help position the gel pad in the correct location for optimum performance. The sleeve increases the products longevity and protects the gel pad.
  • This product is washable and resuable. You may wash it with mild soap and warm water and allow to air dry.

  • Sold individually
  • Fits left or right foot 
  • Sizing (Foot Size):
    • Small - Women: 5-8, Men: 5-7 1/2      
    • Large - Women: 9-14, Men: 8-13
    • Typically, women/children fit a size small, while men fit a size large.

    Bunga Ankle Sleeve

    SKU: BPAS18
    • Wash it with mild soap and warm water and allow to air dry.


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