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The Northern Hockey School has partnered with Jared Lalik at Valley Physiotherapy in Smithers to develop the hockey specific injury risk assessment.
We partnered sport specific experience with physiotherapy expertise. To start we researched the most common soft tissue hockey injuries. We then chose tests and exercises to challenge those areas to determine areas of weakness or susceptibility. Helping to create areas or regions to target during a strength and conditioning program. 
The Hockey Specific Injury Risk Assessment will consist of:
- In Person Test Battery - Targeting commonly injured joints and muscles
- Individualized Feedback Report - With sport and age related comparisons
- Video Follow-Up Session - Review the report and provide movement suggestions. 
The injury screen will take about 45 minutes.
The cost will be submittable to extended health plans for reimbursement under physiotherapy.
NVP 200618 (1).png

Figure 1. Iron Cross to indicate shoulder stability and endurance


Figure 2. Copenhagen Plank an indicator of adductor strength. 

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