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Video Analysis |

Day 4
Video analysis of a player's skating stride is an invaluable tool to help maximize a players skill. Player's may not realize they have developed tendencies such as wide tracking, high heel kick etc. until shown video evidence. The Northern Hockey School staff will video the player through various skating skills. A picture or video can truly be worth a thousand coaching words. We will help you to improve your efficiency, speed and power.  
Off-ice component consists of:
  • Voice over video analysis
  • Technique Modification Summary Report
On-ice component consists of:
  • 60 minutes of on ice skating drills
  • Stations with a maximum of 5:1 coach to player ratio
  • The primary focus of one station will be video
  • Video recording of the players forward  
and backward stride, tight turns and
Video analysis will be completed and feedback supplied by the end of the Labour Day weekend. Once we have analyzed your video we will send you the original video with our feedback and a technique modification summary. 
The goal of the specialty camps is to have the players attend a maximum of 1-2 specialty camps to work on specific components of their game. The players will receive more focused instruction. The specialty camps are open only to players from 2006-08 and 2009-10 age groups, who are participants in the youth camps. The specialty camps will be capped per age group. These camps are completely optional. 
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